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  • Excellent product/service
  • Truly care about customers
  • Already in good state and ready to scale up
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  • Having a bad reputation
  • Adult themed industries
  • Rush to short-term success
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Understand the 3 Major Stages of Customer Journey

Before making any purchase decision, the customer will go through many stages of the buying process. Applying the 80/20 rule, you are able to scale up your business by only focusing on what matters, which are these 3 stages below.


  • When does this happen?

    This phase begins after customers realize the problems, they want to solve it and they need help. Or simply they just feel the urge to buy a product.
    Putting yourself in customers' shoes. What are you going to do next?
    You may ask your friends for referrals. But sooner or later, you're going to open laptop/mobile and type whatever you're looking for in Google to find the providers.
  • What's the deal?

    Doesn't matter how much time customers have. They intend to visit and respect the top results on search engines. It's a fact, this study showed that 60-70% clicks belong to the top 5 positions (35% for the 1st result).
    If your business presences as high as possible in the search results, especially #1, it's going to be a huge advantage when you're always the first approach to potential customers.
  • The solution

    The process of getting your site to the top results on Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    SEO isn’t magic, but it provides business visibility, credibility, brand awareness, web traffic, and incredible ROIs than any forms of marketing.
    Learn more about SEO


  • When does this happen?

    In the process of customers searching for their answer, they will stick with some results found on Google.
    With the same approach, imagine yourself in the situation. You wouldn't have entire trust in just one result, right? You want to compare information between websites before getting down to the final candidate.
  • What's the deal?

    Not only you have to persuade visitors to buy your products or use your service, you're also competing with other websites before they "steal" those customers.
    What needs to be considered: show your reputation (reviews, testimonials, clients); show your works (projects, case studies); your brand identity (logo, color scheme); and most important - user experience.
  • The solution

    Mentioned factors above are all done in Web design. It also includes every optimization for better user experience: fast load speed, mobile-friendly, modern & professional design, etc.
    Furthermore, your ultimate goal is to convert visitors into sales, it all depends on how good your website design is. It differentiates the business from your competitors.
    More about web design


  • This is the moment when a customer finally makes a call to your business or visit your location. Don't take this part for granted, any customer could get away for your careless customer service, late delivery, low-quality products.
    It could get even worse, angry customers may leave negative reviews which is going to affect badly for future sales.
  • It is out of the question that word of mouth is still a powerful form of marketing for any business. As every happy customer can refer several new ones to your business for free.
    You need to make sure your ambassadors feel pleased enough to a point where they feel excited to recommend your company to others. That all depends on the conformity of the expected benefit with the actual perceived result from your product/service.

Set your expectations clear

Clients have the right to expect that their business will be much better off for having spending time with us.

Brand recognition & credibility

The fastest way to be recognized and remembered is showing up for any terms frequently searched on the internet. And they'll unconsciously trust in your brand, as you are recommended by Google - the smartest search engine in the world.

Build up customer base

Being the top position in the search result means your site has the highest click-through rate among other sites underneath. This organic traffic source will generate qualified customer opportunities because users have already the intention to buy your products.

High conversion rate

Your website is not just an asset, it could prove to be your killer sales presentation. It relies on how attractive the products are decorated, how the buttons encourage users to make actions, how memorable your brand throughout the website, etc.

Generate incredible ROI

The combination of SEO & Web design is more effective than any kind of advertisement platform right now. In general, most medium-budget projects could get ROIs at >300% after a period of months. Over time, it's just going to keep increasing up.

How do we help to achieve your goals?

the plan?
  • 1

    Overall auditing & strategy

    We spot out exact problems with the website, and the niche's competition with keywords research; to map out a strategic plan for the whole project.
  • 2

    Redesign website (optional)

    If you want to renew the entire surface of your online presence, we'll get on it. This phase is skippable if you're already satisfied with the current website.
  • 3

    On-site + Off-site optimization

    Your site elements need to be on-point in order to get ranked up in search engines. E.g. title tag, heading tags, URLs, internal links.
    With proper links building to prove the site's relevance and trustworthiness.
  • 4

    Reporting and staying up to date

    Our monthly reports will let you know what's going on with your site rankings, traffic, and other insight numbers.
    We continue working to have your site stayed up in the top results and to beware of your competitors' moves.

The only agency good at both SEO and Web Design

It's quite a challenge to find an agency understands the search engine algorithms and have the ability to create fancy designs fitting user psychology. We don't claim to be the best of everything, but we know what it takes to drive business growth.

Let's work together and have us unlocked your business's digital potential with SEO & Web design.

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The power of SEO has been proved throughout many industries. But eventually, you don't want ideas, you want results. We get that and it's our pleasure to show you what we have gotten for our clients.

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