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We only work with a certain amount of clients at any given time, in order for us to dedicate all our efforts to deliver the best possible results for our clients' businesses.
We're interested in clients:
  • Have clear expectations about the process
  • Excellent product/service
  • Truly care about customers
  • Already in good state and ready to scale up
Unsuitable for business:
  • Having a bad reputation
  • Adult themed industries
  • Rush to short-term success
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the agency

"The value of what we do is based on the impact we can have on our client’s business."

SEO meets Web design Perfect formula for growth

What we do

There's one interesting fact about agencies out there

  • SEO agencies knowing how to ranking websites, usually have a bad taste in design. Poor looking web design is not going to convert and make you lose lots of visitors.
  • Web design agencies can transform anything into attractive and engaging until they awfully mess up with SEO elements which could possibly harm your position in search engines.

We are the combination of SEO + Web Design

  • We never stop learning and crashing SEO tests to make sure we're staying one step ahead of the game.
    Likewise, we always open up to new ideas, keep up with trends and look for inspirations. In such a way that every website we build for clients is unique and drives results.
  • OSTELLAR agency - we've teamed up as an digital agency focused on both SEO and Web Design to push the business to its maximum potential.

Unlocking the digital potential for your business

Why we exist

Around 90% of businesses out there have not yet exploited the maximum potential of the digital environment. That's why we're here, to create digital solutions for business growth challenges with our in-depth knowledge.

Search engines history
  • Back then, from 2008 to 2012 when search engines weren't completed, it's really easy to rank up any site with spamming backlinks, exact anchor texts and a few hundred words of spun content.
  • It was literally a big conquest after Google launched huge algorithm changes like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon. All spammy black-hat tricks were eliminated.
No problem for us

Despite that ranking sites is getting harder and Google search has become much smarter, we - Ostellar still hold ourselves to the standard of SEO.
As we understand the right mindset. All the methods we're using are pure white-hat following Google's guildelines. And it's proven by our clients' results.

The leader

Robert Nguyen

He's the founder of OSTELLAR agency. He's also an entrepreneur, SEO-er, designer and autodidact who never stops learning new skills.

As being obsessed with digital marketing and how to get the most out of it to grow local businesses, I’m committed to making the strongest impact as possible for clients with my expertise in SEO and Web design.

How we do it


By starting with auditing your website, analyze the target audience, keyword research, we're able to set the clear targets and create a roadmap for your project.


This is the phase we begin implementing tasks and keep everything in line as in the plan. Meanwhile, you will receive the monthly reports to see the progress and where it's going.

Make shit happen

It may take for a while to see the system starts to kick in. But when it does, all you're going to notice is the constantly explosive result. Together we can make your business scales up.

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