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  • Excellent product/service
  • Truly care about customers
  • Already in good state and ready to scale up
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  • Adult themed industries
  • Rush to short-term success
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    SEOWeb Design

    Web design

    Start making big differences to your business

    The keys to moving the needle in your business are generating leads consistently and being able to convert visitors into customers. This is where these two practical solutions come in

    Web design is nothing new Still, it's the key to business success

    Why is Web Design important?

    Customers look at your business as a professional & reliable company

    Obsolete or poor designed websites make customers feel nervous and hardly come to a buy decision. 38% of people would stop engaging with your site if the content/layout is unattractive.
    A stunning modern-looking website is the foundation to build trust with the customers.

    Good UX Design leads to conversion

    UX (user experience) Design is the main factor decides whether your website converts or not.
    It has to do a lot with where every element should be positioned; what's the best layout that suits users; how to create a clear call-to-action button that converts, etc.

    Make it easier for users to browse your website

    Too much information, too complicated functions will make users confused and end up leaving the site.
    A website can be simplified enough in a well-structured layout, to get all the information reachable to users with least clicks as possible.

    Win over customers from your competitors

    When your business is in the top area of the search result competing against many other sites with the same product, same service, same price.
    It's about which website generates trust, looks professional & appealing, comfortable to consume the information. In another word, which site has the best design!

    We can bring all together Let us innovate your website

    Why our design meets your needs

    Result-driven approach

    Visitors aren't coming to a website to see how nice it is. Information is all they want and we make it as painless as possible for them reaching their solution.

    Fully optimized for SEO

    SEO is already our expertise and we know the best practices to configure technical elements that help avoid potential problems and boost up the SEO process.

    Responsive - Look good on all devices

    • 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide is coming from mobile phones. No doubt that responsiveness has become the web standard.
    • OSTELLAR is aware of that and we make sure your website will always be displayed perfectly on every screen, regardless of devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

    Experience combined with creative

    Our experience with over 100 projects as a web design agency would come in handy for us in making websites.
    Web design is also like an artwork, we're always looking for inspirations to make our client stand out from competitors with beautiful & creative designs.

    Light & Fast-loading

    We understand slow loading websites would deter buyers and cause them to leave, not to mention negative SEO effects.
    Therefore, we optimize everything from scratch. Our works always end up with high score performance on speed tests.

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